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  1. Massages Happy Ending 0561176779
    Abu Dhabi massage
    We work very hard but end up feeling like a mule at the day’s end. We want a few moment of bliss, we want to break free and we want to be liberated from our earthly troubles. But we do not wish to perform penance in some remote forest. We need not have to. Whether you are in Abu Dhabi or coming to Abu Dhabi, contact us to get that moment of ‘Moksh’ with our Great Happy Ending Massage.
  2. Chinese Massage 0561643498
    Service in your place or our place
    A traditional Chinese massage is a lot more than just a relaxing treatment because of its medicinal background and its focus on the balance between body and mind. The masseuse will treat any injuries, energy blocks and health issues by restoring the natural flow of the bodily energy. For smaller health issues like head aches, stress, tiredness and sore muscles a traditional Chinese massage can work wonders. By making sure both the body and mind are relaxed, balanced and injuries are treated.
  3. 0561643498 Message Therapy
    Abu Dhabi Message Therapy
    Massage therapy was popular in China, Japan, Arab, Egypt, Rome, Greece and India since ancient time for its promotion to better health. It then spread to Europe and United States during the Renaissance period. Now the world use massage for relaxation, relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and for general wellness.
  4. Full body massage 0561643498
    full body massage in abu dhabi.Your best choice
    This Full-body massage follows various procedures like kneading, stretching, wringing, etc, which induces proper blood circulation as well as eliminates the toxins and wastes from our body. It generally relieves a person from joint stiffness and encourages free flow of energy all over the body.

Working hours

Every day from morning 9am to next day morning 3am.


incall: 500AED per hour
outcall: 700AED per hour + taxi fee